Effective October 1, 2017 all CE, certificate and designation courses will be held at:

Atlanta Training Campus

2651 Smithpointe Drive, Bldg. B.

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Cathy McDaniel




New Continuing Education Courses for 2018

  • 55+ Realty Advisior
  • Building your Real Estate Team - What you need to know!
  • Generational Differences in Home Buying
  • Client Management - Best Practices to Improve Work Performance
  • Brand You Strategies
  • Branding Yourself Without Selling
  • Get Property Specific
  • Inherited Property Specialist
  • ​Real Estate Business Sellability Advisor
  • Senior Transition Counselor
  • Working with Baby Boomers as Real Estate Clients
  • FHA Reverse Mortgage for Seniors 62 and Older
  • ​Home Renovation Certified
  • Listing Presentation - Strategies to Close the Deal
  • Introduction to USDA Rural Development No Down Payment Program
  • e-Home American HUD Approved Homebuyer's Education
  • ​Attract More Home Sellers and Buyers - The New Tradition of Marketing
  • ​​Creating the Ultimate Buyer Experience
  • ​Creating the Ultimate Seller Experience
  • Georgia Agency Law - BRRETA
  • Cyber Security - How to Protect Your Business, Customers & Clients
  • Key 2018 Credit Score Changes! This is a Big Deal Affection the Mortgage 
  • Speciality Mortgage Programs
  • Affordable Lending Specialist
  • Affordable Lending Programs
  • VA Guaranteed Home Loan - Qualifications & Guidelines
  • ​Due Diligence and the Closing Process
  • TRIO Georgia Lease-to-Own Financing Specialist
  • ​Property Management Update - Rights and Obligations
  • Prospecting Today by Means of Strategic Branding
  • Renovation Lending from Fixer Upper to Dream Home
  • ​Georgia New Home Selling Expert
  • Learn How the Will and Probate Works in Selling Real Estate
  • Home Renovation Certified
  • The Buyer's Mortgage Process Today
  • Understanding the Life of the Loan
  • Brand Identity - Get Intentional
  • Niche Marketing and GREC Advertising Rules
  • Working with Condo Buyers
  • Writing an Offer on a House in Today's Market
  • Doing Business Under Fair Housing Laws
  • The Buyer's Home Inspection Process
  • Preparing to Resolve Seller Issues
  • How to Avoid Closing Delays
  • Credit and Mortgage Approval
  • Affordable Lending Program
  • Renovation Loans for Existing Homes
  • License Law - Rules and Regulations in Georgia
  • New Home Selling Expert Certification
  • ​Career Acceleration Program - 25 Hour Post License
  • Helping Buyers Understand Homeowners and Title Insurance
  • Learn How the Will and Probate Works in Selling Real Estate
  • Methods in Determining Fair Market Value Analysis 
  • The Inside Guide of Home Warranties
  • Pre and Post Housing Counseling Specialist Certificate
  • Working with Home Sellers and Builders
  • Working with Seniors as Clients
  • Safety Awareness for the Real Estate Professional
  • Pricing a Home to Sell in any Market
  • Multi-Generational Home Buyers
  • Managing the Life Cycle of a Sales Contract
  • Branding YOU Strategies
  • Tips for Choosing New Home Options
  • Cost Effective Design Trends


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Program Representative: Kenneth Lee, 404-403-1621

Other Popular Courses 

  • Best Practice in Contract Management
  • Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws
  • ​Property Maintenance - Ensuring Compliance with City and County Codes
  • The Future Buyer's Personas - The New Buyer DNA
  • Selling and Buying Land 
  • Basics of Commercial Real Estate
  • Tenants and Property Management
  • ​Fair Housing - It's the Law
  • Georgia Real Estate Licensing Law Practices
  • Georgia Realty Estate Property Management
  • Real Estate 2018- Become a Strong Real Estate Advisor - It's all in the details. 
  • Recognizing High Performance Homes
  • Selling the New Home Concept to Today's Buyer
  • I Just Got My Real Estate License...Now What?
  • I have a Buyer...Now What?
  • I have a Seller...Now What?
  • All About Government Financing Programs
  • All About USDA Rural Mortgage Loans
  • ​Code of Ethics & Professional Standards - Business Conduct
  • ​Dream Home Cash Challenge
  • Guidelines for Contracts and Risk Management
  • ​HomeReady Mortgage by Fannie Mae
  • Housing is Made in America - New vs. Existing Home
  • Reverse Mortgage - How Does it Work?​​

"I attended your class today and I really have to thank you for all the information.  It was informative and FUN!  I was telling to my dear friend and neighbor Louise, about  what a wonderful class it was, and small world, she said "OMG she was my mentor".  She said that she attributes a lot of her success to what she learned from you.  Louise is doing fabulously well, made over 200K already this year!!  Now, I have a plan in place with my move (which will be soon) to Bettendorf/Davenport Iowa.  This is all thanks to the information from your class!!  I had to wonder, why hadn't anyone told me this before?! Thank You again and I'll be using your sites to assist in building my business and raising to the top!!"
      K McDermott

"Cathy, you are one of the best instructors I have every had in the last 24 years being a real estate agent and it was a privilege to take your classes."  

Sani Chandra, EA


                      About Cathy McDaniel

                                                Cathy provides all your real estate training, professional development, post

                                                license, and continuing education courses. 

                                                Her most recent accomplishments are the publishing of a new book
"The                                                     Route to Homeownership" Generational Differences in Home Buying along                                                 with receiving recognition form the Real Estate Educators Association -                                                       Georgia the "2016 Outstanding New Program Course"  for "Pre and Post                                                     Housing Counseling Specialist" curriculum.  More than 700 real estate                                                          estate practitioners have taken this course during 2016. Cathy serves as                                                     the 2017 official trainer for Georgia's "Trio "Lease-to-Own" Finance                                                               Program that was introduced in May 2017 throughout the metro Atlanta area.


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  • Continuing education and Georgia Law
  • Certificate and Designation courses                     

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Cathy McDaniel has been providing real estate education for more than 10 years and is recognized as an industry expert.                     

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